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Auto Accident & Personal Injury
We believe in collecting the most compensation for your injuries.  An automobile accident can be devastating to your performance in life and well-being.  Whether you are working with a traditional claim, an underinsured claim, or uninsured claim, call our offices so we can give you a free consultation.  At Law Offices of Ramona R. Hallam, you speak directly to an experienced California personal injury lawyer.  All consultations are free and confidential.

We handle all cases on a contingency basis. We are paid a percentage of what we recover for you. This means you will pay no legal fees unless we collect money for you. If we don’t recover money for you, you will not owe us a fee.  No recovery, no fee. 

Your case is important to us.  We are committed to obtaining compensation for victims injured by the negligence of others.  We cannot undo an injury or bring back a loved one, but we can help you seek compensation.

Our attorneys will be able to help you assess your case and attempt to recover the most for your loss of work, medical bills, hospital bills, and for long term medical care.  Additionally, our attorneys will attempt recovery for permanent injuries that significantly affect your appearance and/or physical capabilities and for pain and suffering where warranted.

You may need a lawyer because of laws or complexities in your case that are difficult to comprehend because of a multiplicity of interrelated elements. These complications might cause your compensation to vary greatly from standard claims. Figuring out how much such a serious injury is worth can be difficult. If you have been injured call the Law Offices of Ramona R. Hallam for assistance in processing your claim.

We only represent injured clients and the families of wrongful death victims whose injury or loss occurred in the State of California.  If you are in need of a California car accident attorney or California personal injury lawyer, please call us now at (760) 212-9249.


 Whether you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, please call for direct contact with an attorney.  We represent criminal defense clients in San Diego, Riverside and Orange County, California.  We will provide you with excellent legal service at an affordable rate.

Our law firm handles all misdemeanor and felony criminal cases including:

DUI Defense
Narcotics/Drug Offenses
Theft Crimes
Domestic Violence
All Violent Crimes
Probation Violations
Record Expungements
Assault & Battery
Our office is dedicated to protecting the freedom, constitutional rights, record, and reputation of each of its clients. Our attorneys will handle every aspect of your criminal case so that you won’t have to.  We are result oriented and have received numerous successful results including case dismissals, reduced charges and favorable plea bargains.

If you or someone you love has been accused of committing a crime, you undoubtedly have a number of concerns and questions, including whether you will go to jail or suffer huge monetary losses.  A good criminal defense attorney can either eliminate or greatly reduce your risk.

We will provide personal attention and aggressive legal representation in obtaining the best outcome possible for you.  We will provide you with the information you need so that you can make an informed decision about your choices.  We will work to uncover helpful evidence to present to the court.

Our legal fees are affordable, and we accept credit cards online. In some cases we can work out a special payment arrangement if necessary.

Usually, you will be charged a flat fee for each stage of your case’s proceedings.  In felony cases there is a flat fee up to the date of the preliminary hearing and another fee covering services to the date of trial.  In misdemeanor cases, there is a flat fee before the trial and another fee if the case goes to trial. If your case does not reach the trial stage, then you won’t pay us for our trial services. This pay structure allows us to keep your costs down.

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